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Definition of Cabal – an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose; a small group engaged in a plot.

Who We Are

Studio Cabal was founded in 2012 by a team of designers with a background in interior design and architecture. Fashion and Architecture – both rely upon structure, shape and necessities. We used our design knowledge applying it to ready-to-wear, working with the concepts of volume and construction with our techniques and materials. From clothing to footwear and accessories, it is all about comfort and function: a bit androgynous, a bit minimal, never austere. Clothing with a strong accent on individualism and an intriguing character, generated by textural and functional vintage inspired ornaments; glamour and androgynous shapes juxtaposing to create wearable pieces, with a daring twist.One of a kind and produced in limited series, the fabric patterns are designed with a contemporary view of traditional inspiration. Luxurious and lightweight materials such as silk are used to provide glamour and ease of movement, traditional construction methods and raw detailing are meant to bring into existence modern, urban shapes and architectural-inspired silhouettes with fluid volumetrics, crafted to provide a comfortable, yet artistic and sophisticated style.

Our History

FW 2013/2014 Grungiosity

Studio Cabal`s new collection ``GRUNGIOSITY`` was inspired by the movie Dr Zhivago. It was a time of cultural and political movement which brought us art nouveau, the divide between the communist and the anarchist party, the beginnings of cinema and so much more. This collection looks to bring harmony through contrast and discourse, to bring up to date the aesthetics of a state of mind; by being intriguing and current at the same time. Our accent is on the self assured woman, self-willed and confident - with a tinge of fragility. Grunge with a touch of glamour! All the prints have been designed and developed by Studio Cabal. They have then been digitally processed and then printed on fabric especially for this collection. Each item has then been finished painstakingly in the workshop by the creative team.
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Studio Cabal`s Spring-Summer 2014 Collection – Spellbound – is inspired by a state of mind, a mood: the enticing possibility of a new voyage, the enigma of another culture with whom we can instinctively relate, but can only touch the surface. Using exotic aesthetic elements as a point of reference – Polynesian tattoo designs, magic spell images, intricate oriental henna drawings, we designed mesmerizing, floating prints on silk, with faded and slightly distressed hems, like dipped in the sun-kissed sands of a far away island. We worked with stylistic details of ethnic features, combined with current pattern techniques to create soft, feminine silhouettes, alluring, gripping and nomadic.
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`100 Phases Of The Moon` - Studio Cabal AW – 2014-2015 Collection gets its inspiration from the energy and symbolism of the Moon: the essence of the feminine, dream and magic, shadow and mysticism. Its aesthetics relies on Yoshitoshi series of woodblock prints, ‘One Hundred Aspects of the Moon’ in which he depicts characters from Japanese and Chinese legend, history, literature, folklore and theatre, all captured whilst moonstruck. Studio Cabal`s Fall-Winter Lookbook features a range of essential pieces of clothing meant to unfold into an eccentric and individual wardrobe. One that has never been more versatile, for work and play and beyond. Expect some utilitarian and throw-on yet edgy designs beautifully crafted and polished yet fuss-free. For a look that is subtle and mesmerizingly cool at the same time, with the rough-around-the-edges flair that represents Studio Cabal`s core aesthetic.
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Too Good To Be Forgotten

`Too Good To Be Forgotten` - `2G2B4G` - Studio Cabal SS2015 collection takes inspiration from the Miaz Brothers` paintings and invokes the concept of metamorphosis and change, stability over the ephemeral and the transient! The Studio Cabal Diva teases you to decode her: she has a story to tell, she is both rebellious and compliant, impulsive and yet tamed, natural but at the same time, supernatural. We employed abstract prints to generate new meanings and associations, to morph an austere silhouette into a relaxed and versatile one. We paired intricate knots, ties and folds with unique juxtapositions of sensuous and wave-like silks over raw, organic linen and cotton. We give you a collection that`s dynamic and fluid, effortlessly dramatic and subtle. `2G2B4G` Diva is mystifying, original and uninhibited and `Too Good To Be Forgotten` is her journey of self-discovery and promise.
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Studio Cabal SS2015 - Kabuyutan

AVANPREMIERE SS 2015 Studio Cabal SS2015 - Kabuyutan Kabuyutan, colectia Primavara - Vara 2016 a brandului Studio Cabal are ca inspiratie civilizatia si cultura Orientului Indepartat, cu pluralitatea sa de registre simbolice, care integreaza armonios in sistemul religios influente multiple: Hindu, Crestine sau Islamice, datorate diversitatii etnice.

UN - SIMILAR, Studio Cabal`s FW2015 - 2016 collection

UN - SIMILAR, Studio Cabal`s FW2015 - 2016 collection, is versatile and luxurious at the same time, defined by a bohemian vibe with ethnic connotations. For this collection, Studio Cabal took on contrasting influences from the colonial period, harmonising them, making them current and reinventing themes from the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, the famous late Nineteenth Century Art movement. True to Studio Cabal`s own highly nuanced aesthetics, the UN-SIMILAR Collection centres on deconstruction, layering and innovative tailoring coupled with utilitarian detailing with raw-edge treatments. It focuses on the use of organic and natural materials: wool, leather and silk contrasting to eco-friendly and sustainable ones, such as printed faux-fur. All come together in an UN-SIMILAR Collection, designed for you to make a statement, defined and subtle at the same time, utterly eccentric. Think ethnic patterns with romantic touches and thoughtful details, loose shapes coupled with structured pieces: bomber jackets, overcoats, blazers and quilted vests meant to be worn in layers, as well as hats, capes and scarves. Think flowing lines and unique prints cut in feminine silhouettes, in a unique mix of bohemian and sophisticated sensuality with an edge.
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